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[i] for longevity
2022, 16mm pinhole > digital, 2 minutes


Captured using a 16mm pinhole camera devoid of a viewfinder, the film focuses on the ways systems of power loom in architecture. The resulting images were not planned or orchestrated; rather, they emerged organically as I hand-cranked the camera, using it as an extension of the human body. Irregular frame rates and frenetic rhythms abstract the space and evoke a psychogeographic experience. Filmed during a dérive on the East Side of Milwaukee, WI.

Dérive (French: [de.ʁiv], "drift") - an impromptu exploration of a landscape, typically urban, during which participants abandon their usual focus on their everyday interactions within their social environment. Originating from the ideas of the Letterist International and formally introduced in Guy Debord's "Theory of the Dérive," the dérive encourages a spontaneous and unconventional approach to experiencing urban spaces.

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