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Heat Spells
2023, 16mm > digital, 9 minutes

Tourism as the eternal reenactment of Manifest Destiny. The Fountain of Youth as a myth that forever underwrites the American Dream. A mythology has forever changed the landscape of St. Augustine, Florida. As legend and history conflate and obscure the imperialist motivations behind Ponce de Leon, the film responds by embodying the feverish experience of the “explorer’s” search for eternal youth, an act that parallels the compulsory capture inherent in tourist photography.

Screenings & Exhibitions:

2024 Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival, Hawick, UK
         Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Milwaukee, WI
         Florida Film Festival, Sunspots, Orlando, FL
         Experiments in Cinema v19.8, Albuquerque, NM
         Wide Open Experimental Film Festival, Oklahoma City, OK
         Ribalta Experimental Film Festival, Vignola MO, Italy
2023 Antimatter [Media Art] Film Festival, Victoria, BC
         Territorial Imperative, Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria BC 
         Cold Cuts, Microlights Cinema, Milwaukee, WI

2024 Honorable Mention, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival

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